Our last stop of the day was Potato Falls on the Potato River. On any other day it would have been a specatacular site but it pales in comparison to the other two sites we visited. Still, it would be worth a closer look and it's a great place for those who wish to clamber among the rocks of the falls and get up close and personal.

There are all sorts of other falls to see in the great north woods, here is a superb site put together by a true falls lover that covers just about every falls in the region-
Go Waterfalling
The next stop was Copper Falls State Park where you will find Copper Falls (on the left) and Brownstone Falls on the right as well as water scenes of great drama and beauty.
When we arrived at the lodge the temperature outside was
dipping into the 30's but inside it was cozy and warm
and a fire was burning. The Spider Lake Lodge
is built for nights like this.
Dress warmly, the falls is to be found about a 6th of a mile from the parking lot. My daughter Maddy picked this as her favorite spot along the well groomed trail.
Morgan Falls is not a big falls but it has an unusual sideways cascade down the rock and an intimate setting. My son Riley stands near a pool that would be delightful on a hot summer day.
Spring is a great time to see wildlife because the leaves don't obscure so much of the forest. I disturbed this turkey buzzard munching on a walleye along the side a forest road. On the island, off shore from the lodge, eagles could be seen perched in the pines, perhaps they were building a nest there. Our friends Jean and Niel saw a large black bear scamper off their forest road while we were there and of course, deer are commonplace.
Spring in the north woods of Wisconsin can be quite unpredictable, the week before we came up the temperature had soared into the 80's, while we were there it snowed on the daffodils and emerging fiddle head ferns. Still, there is one thing you can count on, the beautiful falls in the surrounding area will be flowing.
After a tasty hot breakfast in the great room we pored over a map to plot the days travels. There are many lovely waterfalls within easy driving range but remember to bring the map, most are off the beaten path.
Spring is a great time to get a weekend reservation at the lodge and a great time to enjoy the waterfalls of Northern Wisconsin.
A beautiful snow shower dusted the trees along this forest road
that lead to our first stop, Morgan Falls.
Two forks of the river, from the left, Copper Falls and from the right, Brownstone Falls, join together at this spot and head for Lake Superior to the north.
A cascade of Tyler's Forks of the Bad River leads to Brownstone Falls